Running with Strippers: Thou Shall Not (2017)

21 July 2017 – 22 July 2017 @ Warehouse


An unlikely location transforms into a stomping ground for artistic expression. Cake’s Running with Strippers is back! Featuring artists and their creations, spilling across genres from performance to performance art, performance installation to music. Each segment adding up to two nights over one weekend of alternative artistic encounters brought to you by artists across disciplines bent on designing original work with a spirit of experimentation.

Borne from Cake’s Decimal Points series and originally titled Running With Strippers, this addition sees Thou Shall Not affixed to the title as an incitement to make your own rules for expression and in response to another’s expression.

Running with Strippers: Thou Shall Not is an event that stands for the porous voice of artistic expression and art speaking from the grey areas. Each segment centres on the individual speaking in personal and dynamic ways that may manifest in irreverent, poignant, playful or lyrical touches. It’s about what an artistic individual wants to say through their own form of expressiveness and for a time the rest of us are invited to turn down our own volumes and listen to what someone else is saying.

An invitation to walk on the wild side. To decide what you think.

Trip to the Light Fantastic
By Rizman Putra

By Zulkifle Mahmod

By Cyril Wong

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein 
A reading by Sean Tobin with composition by Philip Tan

Cult x Noor Effendy Ibrahim x Julius Foo x Jean Ng x Wu Jun Han x Nora Samosir

Darren Dubwise
Cherry Chan
Syndicate X Cult

Company: CAKE
Space Design: neontights
Technical Installation: ARTFACTORY

(Source: Cake Theatrical Productions Website)


Cyril Wong
Philip Tan
Julius Foo