Yellow Chair Productions

Yellow Chair Productions (YCP) was a community theatre group based in Tampines Central Community Club. Founded in 2005, YCP aspires to challenge societal perspectives and bring greater self-awareness to the individual with hopes of creating an empathetic and harmonious community.

YCP prides itself in the diversity of its team, comprising of a passionate group of individuals from various walks of life who are geared towards delivering to the community - honest and socially relevant works. Through these works, YCP hopes to establish a relationship with its audience as such that no individual feels peripheral to its society.

Beyond the work that it generates, YCP is also a bridge for amateur actors and other members of the field in their venture towards becoming a professional. An opportunity base of sorts, YCP has an open and inclusive nature that provides these aspiring individuals with experiential learning and exposure to the theatre industry.

YCP offers various programmes including 

  • Main Season
  • Open House Series
  • The Playground
  • Community Interest Programmes