Split Theatre

Split Theatre believes that you matter. 

We are a team of young human beings who believes in the search that one could take in approaching a meeting with each audience member, with each workshop participant, and with one’s ideal self.  

We create original works with a unique devising process that facilitates the actor-participant’s growth as a person. 
We hope that each actor/participant will have the courage to shine by telling and crafting their personal stories, so that our audience will be inspired to do the same. 

We see a world where each person has the space to work on their self, to craft their unique place in society, and to own it. 

We emphasise that the work on the self is done while respecting the boundaries of others.  

We believe that every human being matters.

Founded in 2016 and rooted in Singapore, we are constantly fascinated by the individual’s searching, growing, and being, and the possibility of social healing through theatre. 

Our Core Actions  
Respect | Journey | Create | Craft

Last updated: 1 August 2022